Drivers defrosting their car windscreens are breaking the law

Do you defrost your car on the public highway and leave it unattended with the engine running?

If you park your car on the public highway leaving the vehicle unattended with the engine running, you are breaking the law and are liable to be given a fixed penalty notice by the boys in blue. An unattended vehicle is always going to attract the attention of one of two groups of people

1)      The Police

2)      Vehicle thieves

Take the morning of 06/01/2017 as an example, Sussex Roads Police (on Twitter) reported no less than 5 cars stolen in the Horsham area alone! Leaving your car unattended with the engine running is an open invitation to anybody who fancies your car to drive it away whilst you go back to the comfort of your home.

The Police can give you a fixed penalty notice for leaving your car unattended whilst parked on the road although doing so on your own ground/ driveway is perfectly legal.

Every motor policy carries a requirement that you take reasonable care over your vehicle. Ask yourself a question, is leaving your car on the road or the driveway taking reasonable care? Would you expect an insurer to pay for a vehicle theft if you have left the engine running and went indoors? Answers on a postcard please….!



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