Insurance when adapting or planning alterations to your home to make it suitable for your own needs.

If you or a member of your family is disabled or has restricted mobility, you may need to carry out structural works to alter your property to make it suitable for your own needs.

If you need wheelchair access, widened hallways, or adaptions or extensions to accommodate specialist medical or lifting equipment, or any other works to make your home suitable for your day to day requirements, insurance for your home during the works can be a problem to find.

It is a fact of life that house builders generally design houses for the widest market possible and if you have particular requirements such as wider doors, ramps, lifts or adapted bathrooms or wet rooms, you are likely to have to plan the works to adapt the property yourself. However, during these structural works, you need to make sure your house remains insured properly.

You may well need to move out of the property when the works are in progress. Unfortunately, many home insurers won’t provide insurance during the alteration works and will either impose severe restrictions to your cover or cancel the policy completely.  You are then left in a high risk situation, with your home unattended overnight and inadequate insurance cover.

Insurance for renovation works for sepcial needs

Bickers Insurance Services can provide you with a policy offering a comprehensive level of cover throughout the course of the works, giving you the maximum cover possible at all times, only imposing  cover restrictions in respect of certain parts of the build for which your builders should take responsibility (for example if the builder has removed part of the roof, your policy would not cover storm damage or rainwater getting in, as the builder should take responsibility for ensuring the roof is protected adequately). We will only restrict your cover for the duration of these particular activities, so you can enjoy full protection again once you have told us that those works are complete.

We can give you:

  • Sound advice from UK staff with over 20 years' experience
  • Flexible cover, adapting with your needs as the project progresses
  • Cover for your building and contents, even if you have to move out during the works
  • A wider level of cover than most home insurance policies will provide
  • Cover which can be converted back to home or landlords insurance when works are complete without losing the premium you have already paid
  • Competitive premiums

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