In addition to specialist buildings insurance we can also offer great value for money in standard home insurance. Your premium can be rated simply on the number of bedrooms in your home, giving cover for contents insurance up to £60,000 and buildings up to £1,000,000 as standard.

Alternatively, an executive home insurance policy will cover higher sums insured. Our policies are set up by experienced professional brokers who will ask what you need and provide a solution for you. If you would like a quotation please give us a call or fill in our online quote form and we will call you back.

When searching for an online home insurance quote many people take the cheapest quote on the screen. After all, comparing meercats seems pretty easy! Care needs to be taken however as not all policies are the same.

When comparing online deals you need to consider the level of excess that applies to your policy. Have you noticed the voluntary excess that many price comparison websites assume you want? Generally you start with a £250 voluntary excess and the policy excess is in addition to this figure. So if an insurer has a policy excess of £100 then you have a total excess of £350 to pay before the insurer pays a penny. Not everybody’s cup of tea… The voluntary excess helps the comparison site you are using provide the cheapest rates they can offer but it doesn’t help you decide the cover you want until it has tempted you with the cheap price, making it more likely they will obtain your business albeit with the higher excess you may not have wanted.

Also consider the policy cover in the terms of inner limits. For high risk items such as gold, silver, precious metals, jewellery, electronic goods etc, there are often limits which specify i) the maximum value of any one item and ii) the maximum amount of high risk items in the home as a percentage of the overall sum insured. The cover provided by insurers vary tremendously and a lack of attention to this area could leave you under insured.

Cover is also available for items away from home. Commonly referred to as All Risks Insurance or Personal Possessions Insurance. This is usually added to your policy as an optional extra but if you need cover for items over the policy limit (commonly £1,000) then you may need to specify them separately on your policy.

Another thing to look out for is any security condition that is applied to your policy by insurers. The security condition is a requirement for you to have a certain level of security at your home, failure to do so will mean the insurers could repudiate a claim for theft or malicious damage at your home. More details

As well as offering standard home insurance we can also offer insurance for unoccupied homes, insurance for properties awaiting renovation / refurbishment, second homes / holiday homes or homes in the UK which are owned by people working abroad. We have facilities for leaseholders of individual flats or blocks of flats with absent freeholders.

We can place cover for historic and listed buildings, previously subsided and underpinned property, previously flooded properties, buy to let / landlords insurance.

We can also offer cover for homeowners offering bed and breakfast facilities at their home, people with criminal convictions, homeowners who are registered child minders or those taking on lodgers in their homes

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