How to choose a High net worth or Ultra net worth home insurance

Insurance is a bore and most people want it dealt with, then move onto something fun! But how do you make the correct choice about who to deal with and what insurer to use for your home?

The number of very high value home insurance providers has increased and there is now a very healthy and fiercely competitive marketplace. The cover provided varies between insurers but, almost without exception, the cover is much better than a standard home insurance.

You need to make sure you know what sums insured you need. So, the replacement cost of your general contents, fine art and antiques, guns / firearms, jewellery and watches, gold and silver and so on.

If you have a safe, you need to know what the make and model it is. If you have an intruder alarm, you need to know if it is maintained by a company accredited to a professional body.

Your door and window security is also needed. It is preferable (sometimes essential) to have key operated window locks on your windows. If you don’t know what type of door locks you have, find this out as a higher level of security will generally mean better premiums.

Once you are armed with this information you can give us a call and we can discuss your options and obtain some quotes for you. We have access to our preferred list of high net worth and ultra net worth insurance companies and we’ll show you the quote that we think best suit your requirements.

Please call Julian or Colin on 01903 791340 to discuss your requirements

Underinsurance in high net worth or ultra net worth home insurance policies  



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