Do I have to notify my insurer if I am having structural work carried out my house?

Tell your insurer about structural works to your home before the work starts

If you are having works carried out to your property then you should always inform your insurer. This is particularly important if you are moving out during the works and the home will be unoccupied. Insurance for an empty property undergoing works will often be declined by a standard insurer so be prepared to obtain empty property insurance quotations.

If you are remaining in the home, always advise your insurer if you are having structural works carried out. They may well be comfortable with insurance cover but they may have some policy exclusions or terms and conditions that you need to comply with in order for cover to be maintained.

Look for key exclusions such as storm damage being restricted when the property is not wind and weatherproof, possibility of exclusion of subsidence, heave and landslip during the works. Also, trace and access cover can be excluded along with burst pipes / escape of water.

Security is often a key element to consider when you are having works carried out to your home. Will there be any period of time when your home will be insecure due to an extension and doors and windows not fitted? Plan the work with your builder and ensure that the new extension has walls, roof, doors and windows fitted before it is knocked through to the existing house. Don’t expect your insurer to pick up any high theft risk due to lack of planning.

If your insurer is not willing to continue with insurance for the property whilst it is undergoing works then give us a call or complete our online quotation form and we can contact you with a quotation



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