How much does unoccupied house insurance cost

The cost of empty house insurance depends on many factors. These include the length of time the property has been unoccupied, whether it is a holiday home, a second home, if the owner is working away for a period of time and whether the property is empty for renovations or refurbishment.

The cost of unoccupied property insurance is higher than a standard home insurance simply because the risk of a claim, or more importantly the risk of a serious claim, is higher. For example, if you have a burst pipe in the home you are living in permanently, then you’ll know about it pretty quickly. If you have an empty property and have a burst pipe, it could be several days before you know about the water escaping into your property. This delay can turn a small claim into a substantial one costing many times more than the claim in your own home.

If you want to find out how much empty property insurance costs please give us a call or complete the online quote form. We’ll need to know details including the full address and postcode, the building sum insured, the reason the property is unoccupied, the claims experience, the construction of the building, the proximity to sea, rivers and water courses and other factors that may be relevant. We can then provide a quotation for your empty home.

When seeking insurance for an empty property you need to be aware of the difference in cover that exists between specialists who provide cover for unoccupied houses or commercial buildings. Some providers will offer restricted perils such as fire, lightening, explosion, earthquake (sometimes aircraft), also known as FLEE or FLEA insurance. This restricted unoccupied property cover is cheap and cheerful and rarely suitable for requirements as there is much cover, often regarded as essential, which is excluded.

For an indication of the true cost of empty property insurance you really need to look at a policy which includes escape of water, burst pipes, theft, malicious damage and subsidence. Please give us a call or complete the online quote for the cost of unoccupied property insurance

Unnoccupied house insurance quotation


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