Long term unoccupied property insurance

Property that has not been lived in and left empty for many years can often present problems for insurers. If you have been refused empty property insurance due to the length of time a property has been empty then you need to call us as we can often help out where others fail!

The key to providing cover for a property that has been empty for long periods of time is the management of the building. Is the security adequate, is the property being visited often enough, how is the water and heating in the building managed, is there a maintenance programme?

Long term unoccupied property can fall into two very different categories. Some are left for years with little or no maintenance – these ones are the most likely to suffer claims, malicious damage and visits from intruders. Property can fall into a poor state of repair very quickly and once this happens it becomes a problem for insurers of empty property. Over time, trees and shrubs close to property can also cause significant damage and if the property is left unoccupied and unchecked for an amount of time then this can also affect the integrity of the building.

The second category is for properties that are regularly inspected, the gutters cleared out, garden vegetation / lawns kept under control, the post regularly removed (or letter box sealed up) etc. The property may have security lights, CCTV, rubbish isn’t allowed to accumulate in the grounds and it is secure and water tight then it presents a far better risk to insurers – even if it hasn’t been lived in for a long period of time.

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If your long term empty property is looked after then please give us a call for a quotation on 01903 791340 and we will be pleased to help.

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