Where to get the best crime prevention advice

Call the Police….for Crime Prevention Advice

If you need some good advice about the most effective way of securing your home then why not call the Police. Police forces throughout the UK have crime prevention teams which can offer security help and advice for homeowners and tenants in rented property.

Some Police Forces have mobile display stands, crime prevention caravans or trailers which they can set up in town centres sometimes to offer free security advice.

If you are a member of a local Neighbourhood Watch group, these sometimes organise crime prevention events for the community which can be run by a Crime Prevention Officer in your local Police station. There is some great information on websites, all the forces have websites with information on how to reduce your chances of becoming a victim of crime. These can also give you more local information about thefts in your area.

Why not follow your local Police force on Twitter, they update the Twitter feeds regularly and the latest information about your neighbourhood can be available to you. Look up your local Police area website and PSNI for Northern Ireland.

Any security improvements you can make will reduce your chances of becoming a victim of crime and your household insurance, your landlords insurance or your empty property insurance policy will be claim free and less expensive as a result.

Crime prevention advice will be slightly different for empty or unoccupied property as it will be for normally occupied homes. Equally, insurance for second homes, holiday homes and landlords property will all need a certain level of security to be practical for the owner of the property.

Remember though, if you are looking for crime prevention advice, don’t call 999, it isn’t an emergency and you’ll be very unpopular! Have a look at the website of your local force and email their crime prevention officer for initial contact.

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