(and how our bedroom rated unoccupied property insurance policy can help you)

Setting The Building Sum Insured

When you insure an unoccupied property on behalf of a client or estate, you must ensure that the amounts insured are adequate to re-instate the property to be protected. 

Although a previous policy may be available from which you can at least learn the amount insured used before, this will not necessarily be correct, and if the figure you choose is proved to be insufficient, any claim made under the policy will be subject to the insurer's 'average' condition, leading to potentially dramatic shortfalls in claim payments.     

Our Bedroom Rated Insurance Policy for Unoccupied Property

Our bedroom rated product, arranged exclusively for us through Vasek Insurance Services Ltd  and underwritten at Lloyds of London, provides up to £500,000 buildings cover automatically.

This should be adequate to comfortably cover the majority of properties, and anything falling outside these parameters can be quoted individually on our sum insured policy.

  • Up to £500,000 buildings cover as standard
  • Properties up to 5 bedrooms, standard construction
  • Suitable for properties built after 1850
  • Policy documents available 24/7 via our solicitor login
  • Online secure messaging for adjustments
  • Extensions, non standard features, non standard construction, listed properties etc are not suitable for this product but can be quoted on our sum insured product.
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