Winter is coming – winter damage prevention for your property

Winter is coming – with the weather having turned for many areas of the UK, homeowners need to check their property thoroughly to ensure they are being kept in the best possible condition in preparation for possible storms, snow, sleet, torrential rain any anything else the great British weather can throw at us. Here are a few items you need to check;-

Loose or missing roofing tiles or slates.

Check flat roofs to ensure they are in good condition and if they need repair, do it before the winter storms come.

Your rainwater goods need to be checked, check guttering and down pipes to ensure they are free from leaves, detritus, tennis balls and shuttle cocks!

Check fence posts and fence panels are firm and replace them if they are rotten or in poor condition.

Put light items such as garden tables, chairs in a garage or shed to avoid damage to garden / property in storm conditions.

Check felt roofing on sheds and replace where necessary. It is easy to overlook and to suffer damage to bikes or expensive lawnmowers if there is a roof leak.

Some of these checks will involve use of ladders etc and you should ask a proficient person or tradesman for help if you are unable to competently carry out the tasks yourself.

These points are particularly important if you have an empty property, probate property or if you are carrying out renovation and the property is unoccupied as the empty building will be visited periodically and can be more likely to suffer a loss in the winter months. When winter is coming it is essential to prepare your property in good time or it will cost you a Kings ransom to put it right! Make haste before the storms make land….



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