Insurance for empty property which is boarded up or has security grills or shutters

Unoccupied buildings that are boarded up, or have security shutters need specialist insurance

Most major, non-specialist insurers often refuse buildings insurance for empty, boarded up property. If you are looking for a quotation for unoccupied boarded up buildings insurance then we can usually help.

Typically, insurers will refuse to quote for an empty property, or if boarding or security shutters are installed mid-way through a policy year then they will probably cancel an existing insurance and you will need to find an unoccupied buildings insurance quote from a specialist insurer. Fixing boarding or security shutters to a property can be a very effective way of securing an unoccupied, empty property but the insurance will always needs to be reassessed as it is a material change to the insured risk and must be disclosed to the insurer.

Various ways in which you can secure your property include fitting of timber plywood sheets to the window and door openings. These can be screwed or bolted to the property. Steel security shutters can be fitted to the property, these can be purchased or, more commonly, rented by the week from a local security company.

Securing your property by fitting shutters and grills can also have a negative effect on the property. Localised damage can be caused to the building where the fittings are screwed or bolted into the property. Boarding or shuttering an empty property will also make it very obvious to the outside world that the building is unoccupied and may be more susceptible to attention from vandals, metal thieves, squatters or kids on an adventure!

When owners of empty buildings board their property it is usually a sign that the property will be unoccupied for a long period of time as it is expensive work to have carried out. It is also a clear demonstration that the property itself is either unmarketable for rent, or that the local economy is in the doldrums or it is not a viable property at the time. Alternatively, it may simply be an oversupply of property of this type in the area.

Care needs to be taken when making the decision to secure your property, from the insurance aspect. Most unoccupied property insurers will have inspection requirements that you will be required to comply with. For unoccupied commercial property, you will usually be required to inspect the property every 7 or 14 days depending on the insurer and for unoccupied houses, this can range from between 7 and 30 days depending on the insurer and the time of year. Therefore, your choice of security should ideally allow entry to the entire property from one door and as this would be an opening door, it will need to be fitted with a substantial security-locking device to enable you to enter the building and be secure from illegal entry.

We can help with providing insurance unoccupied property insurance quotations for residential and many commercial properties including shops, offices, factories, small industrial units, motor garages and workshops. Many of our clients are referred to us by solicitors who are handling the estates of owners that have passed away and we are specialists in handling insurance for property in probate.

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