Unoccupied property insurance for listed buildings

Grade 1 & Grade 2 listed buildings unoccupied property insurance for solicitors and executors

Insurance quotations for listed buildings or buildings of historical significance can be obtained from Bickers Insurance. Care needs to be taken to ensure the correct building sum insured is used in order to avoid the possibility of under insurance.

The sum insured / reinstatement cost is likely to be considerably higher than most buildings due to the possibility of non-standard materials having been used. Also exterior decorative features built into walls, porches, chimneys etc can also increase the cost of rebuilding. Internally, there may be large amounts of timber in the structure, doors, staircases etc that may significantly increase the cost of reinstatement. Also consider boundary walls. Many older properties can have stone or brick walls which are long and tall and the cost of these for some properties can easily run into tens of thousands of pounds.

It is important to ensure the building sum insured is adequate. Only a RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) qualified building surveyor will be able to give you professional advice on the building sum insured that you can rely upon.

If a property is unoccupied awaiting probate, or if probate has been granted then we can help with providing an insurance quotation for the property and the contents. Homeowners that have moved into full time residential care can also be accommodated under our facility.

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